S.O.S. Massage Therapy


"Just got the best full body massage.....thank you Christina Marie Cabrera!!" from Evelyn, Napa

"Ohhhh yeah!!! Just got a great massage from Christina Marie Cabrera. Thank you so much!!!! I had a knot in my neck for days and it was giving me headaches. She took care of that!" from Carmen, Napa
" I have never received a massage before and the next day I felt good surprisingly, and I kept feeling good throughout the whole week!" from Leanora, Napa
"I have very chronic condition where my upper back is so tense that i feel tingling in my fingers. After you payed the special attention to this specific area I feel so much better, and I am able to sleep more comfortably at night. Thank you, you are defenitely a keeper!" from Anatomus, Napa
"After receiving an hour massage, I felt so relaxed! The area in my upper back was hurting my range of motion, but is so much better now. Thank you!" from Elsi, Napa
"I am a gardener, and my whole back hurts, as well as my arms. After receiving my weekly massage with you, I feel so rejuvinated... I feel like a
million bucks!! Thank you!" from Enrique, Napa
"I am a Ballroom Dancer, I work long hours and when I get a massage by you, I feel like a brand new person! thank you!!" from Anatomus, Napa
"I felt such a difference after I received a massage from Christina, I felt AMAZING!!!!! I had to pass the word to my husband to get a massage also, we both slept really well after the massage with her." Carol, Napa
"I have a chronic condition with my arm, and after a relaxing and pampering massage with Christina, I feel awesome and I have more range of motion in my arm without taking pain medications. I get regular monthly massages with her and really recommend getting a massage with Christina!" Catalina, Napa
"OMG...I feel asleep when I got home, I cannot even begin to tell you... and I haven't been able to sleep lately. I feel AMAZING, I didn't even want to get out of bed the next day. I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated." Tracy, Napa